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i have a blackberry pearl 8100 from cingular. i cannot for the life of me ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    i have a blackberry pearl 8100 from cingular.

    i cannot for the life of me figure out how to open mp3 attachments, read all the instructions in the forum on using gmail in the main browser , but it doesnt give me options, i can see the attachment names, but cannot open and hear them

    god bless,

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    Re: attachments

    since the phone's built-in attachment opener does not open mp3's, most of us forward it to our gmail address. from there you can open the mp3's through the BB Browser. my heightened ninja senses tell me you just need to change around your BB Browser settings to a different display. Use my settings:

    From within the BB Browser go to Options, Browser Options and choose General Properties. The Default Browser should be set to "Internet Browser", then save. Go to "Browser Configuration" next and Browser should say "Internet Browser"

    scroll down to the bottom and choose
    Emulation Mode: Microsoft IE
    Content Mode: WML & HTML

    then working your way up:

    Show Images: On WML & HTML Pages
    Style sheets media type: Screen

    the following boxes should be checked:

    -Support Style Sheets
    -Support Embedded Media
    -Use Foreground and Background Colors
    -Support HTML Tables
    -Support JavaScript

    then save.

    Go into Cache Operations, clear your Cookie Cache and then completely exit out of the browser. Restart your browser and go to your gmail where the mp3 attachment email is. you will now have the option to choose the mp3 attachment and it will also be clearer to view with these settings.

    Post back if you get it working.

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