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Apologies in advance for undoubtedly posting this in the wrong place. I'm about as noob ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Assigning Pearl Side Buttons to MP3 Player?


    Apologies in advance for undoubtedly posting this in the wrong place. I'm about as noob as you can get.

    I have a Pearl, 8100,, brand spanking new.

    I am curious if you can assign the side buttons to the MP3 Player to advance or go back a song, or pause and resume. I keep mine holstered all the time, and like using it as an mp3 player, but it is a pain pulling it out every time I want to skip a song and whatnot. I know there are multiple third party mp3 player software downloads, but I haven't seen anything that allows for this type of assignment.

    Again, apologies to the mods for not knowing exactly where to post this question. It's my first time--go easy on me.

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    Welcome to the Stacks! Don't worry, we always go easy here....

    You can change your settings under OPTIONS- SCREEN/KEYBOARD to bring up different applications. Scroll down the the settings for Convenience Keys.

    However I do not believe that you can set the application controls like you are looking to do.
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    follow GaryF's instructions and select 'Media' from the Selection Key choices.

    you can then get into the Music library with one more button press. that's the best you'll be able to do as the 'berry media player works from inside the library and doesn't have a "front door".

    FYI - once you have started playing a song or video, if you don't "close" the media player, a 'Now Playing' shortcut is added to the full menu in every application as well as the Application Switcher ribbon. (quite handy to get back in there easily.)

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