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My pearl's microphone died yesturday and Cingy sent a replacement. Today I recieved the replacement ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Application transfers.


    My pearl's microphone died yesturday and Cingy sent a replacement. Today I recieved the replacement and finished setting up the phone. My question is, is it possible to transfer apps from one phone to another? I'm using a Mac (but have access to PC as well), so I dont think PocketMac will do the job, or will it? I dont think i have the setup files and serial numbers,

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    Re: Application transfers.

    I find its easiest to download them again on the new device. If you paid for it you may need to contact the company you bought it from with your new PIN and ask for a new registration code.
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    Re: Application transfers.

    The Desktop Manger does have a switch device wizard, I am not sure how it handles applications but it would be worth a shot.
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    Re: Application transfers.

    heres a something you could try that may help.
    make a backup of the old bb with desktop manager and then restore it on the new bb using that bb backup file. this will restore all your emails,txts,numbers.
    but not sure if it works for apps as there on the memory card, i did this a while back and cant remember if my apps where restored. but it may help.
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    Re: Application transfers.

    Transfer device wizard does backup all third party apps, so that should do it for you.
    If you need to save the apps to re-install after wiping the same BB, you can run switch device wizard, backup tha application file (apps.alx), go to the temp file they are stored in and save it to your desktop. Then when you reload the OS, add the apps.alx file and presto, they are back. This is detailed somewhere in the OS upgrade stacks.

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    Re: Application transfers.

    i have a guide on my website to backup 3rd party apps and ota apps. If you have a pearl it is a good idea to keep such a backup on the microsd card in the phone. I keep a current backup, jl_cmder, and javaloader.exe in a backup folder.

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