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Can anyone please help, I have tried all the advise I can find on this ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Application Download Problem 8110


    Can anyone please help, I have tried all the advise I can find on this site and am still getting "no applications for this device found" when trying to put a new theme onto my 8110. My OS is upto date, everything else works fine but I can't download any of the fantastic themes on this site. I am tearing my hair out and would really like some help from you guys. Thank you

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    Welcome! Sorry to here of your trouble. First, make sure that the theme is specifically for your device. In other words, you cannot use a theme for the 8130 for your device. Most themes that say 81XX, 83XX, etc, mean that they are for that series. Also make sure your Desk Top Manager(DTM) is the most recent release. You can check here:

    Also, when you download a .zip file you have to unload it to extract the .alx file. This will be what your DTM will be looking for to install. Hope this helps. Post back if you still have issues. I am getting ready to go to bed.(3rd shifter )I am sure some one will be there to assist you with any other issues. That's what makes this such a great place.
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    That issue normally indicates that you need to install your device operating system on your desktop / PC

    If you have not already make sure that the same operating system that is on your device is installed on your PC and let us know if that helps. If needed, there is a link in my blog to the download sites for the OS by device and by carrier. Also please note that th operating system does need to be executed and installed on your desktop, not just Downloaded...
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