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I so how good does it work? How do you do it?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    anyone use 8130 from alltel as a modem?


    I so how good does it work? How do you do it?

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    ~via BB ( are you in one of the new EVDO/3G areas? If your just 1X it will be horibly slow.

    2 questions and I can try to help with getting you connected. 1. Windows or MAC? 2. Have you called alltel to see if tethering is available/ or how much extra it costs?
    Sometimes they will assist you in setting the tethering up.

    Just PIN or PM me and ill help you out

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    A little known secret is if it will work and you have a data plan or do it on your nights and weekends it cost nothing. Not totally sure if it will work for BB like that but i logged many hours online when I used my RAZR and had no charges.

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    BB works the same, setup a new internet connection as a dial up, the number is#777, username is your number ( and the password is alltel is all lowercase letters.... with alltel in order for you to have the BB you have to be on a smart phone plan, which includes unlimited data... so no charge..

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