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Has anyone tried to put an i.e. 8110 or 8130 or other OS version on ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Anyone tried different os on device? (8100)


    Has anyone tried to put an i.e. 8110 or 8130 or other OS version on the 8100?

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    I dont think you can d that. I believe the DM wont allow it

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    I agree with Jeff.......device specific, DM will only load 8100 versions on the 8100 device.
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    Smile Been there done that.

    I tried putting the OS from a 8300 or maybe it was a curve I can't remember for sure its been over a year since I tried it and the biggest issue I ran into was the fact that the os was made for 3G so the system files got all hosed up.
    I did try it a couple times each time with a differant strategy I did manage to get allot of the os files that were duplicate's but were newer versions working but even then I still had a couple other issues.
    Any way to make a short story long that was one of the last times I really tore up the OS on my Pearl or even updated it for that matter but thats why I'm on here today is to find out which provider has the latest OS out there for the 8100 mine is due for a format and a fresh reload.

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    You can only load an OS specific to your device, any carrier as long as vendor.xml file is deleted ~ but the OS must be device specific or you're looking for trouble.

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