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i'm trying to rest my pearl to the way it came wen i bought it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    anyone know how to reset the pearl ?


    i'm trying to rest my pearl to the way it came wen i bought it does anyone know how to do it?

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    Re: anyone know how to rest the pearl ?

    It prefers a down pillow and a hard mattress.

    Of course, if you want to reSET it, you go to Options --> Security Options --> General Settings. Hit the Menu button and select Wipe Handheld from the menu. You will be warned and asked if you want to continue - select Continue. You will then be asked to enter the word blackberry. Type out the word and hit [Enter].

    This will wipe ALL data, but leave ALL applications in place. Although it's easier to just manually delete any applications either before or after the wipe, you can wipe it completely with JL_Cmder (search the forums) and then reload the OS to bring it back to factory fresh condition.

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