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    Question Anyone have the Jabra BT160 Headset?


    I bought a brand new Jabra BT160 online like 5 days ago, and when I recieved it yesterday I was very happy. I took it out of the package, read the first few pages on charging and went to plug it in.

    The LED flashed blue when I connected but did not stay solid, as the manual indicated it would. I ignored it and left it to "charge" for 2 hours, again like the manual said.

    After 2 hours I unplugged it and attempted to turn it on and put it in pairing mode. Again, no solid LED. And of course all Jabra offers is an email that you can send your issue to, but their website is all funked up, so I can't even do that.

    Do you guys/girls know what the problem could be? I don't want to return it through the mail and have to wait another 2 weeks+ to get it fixed. The new cell phone law is expensive!

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    we use to carry long as you press and hold the button it'll flash quickly and then you keep holding it and then it'll turn a solid could be the headset if it isn't doing it.make sure the headset is off first (it won't be blinking blue at all) and then try again
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