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How do I get my ringtones to play through my soon as I get ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Any ringtone through headset (wired)


    How do I get my ringtones to play through my soon as I get the iphone I'll go stereo BT but for now with my pearl I just wanna have my ringtones come through the headset instead of thru the speakerphone...and maybe get a new GOOD stereo wired headset...

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    Re: Any ringtone through headset (wired)

    I was informed that this function is not capable on the BB. They told me I would have to use a bluetooth to get this to work.

    As I ride a motorcycle and wear a helmet, this is not an option as you have to activate the bluetooth beside the ear. I have found bluetooth setups for helmets on EBay for final bid around $30 or so.

    My solution to this is to switch out my card between my BB and my Nokia. So when I am on my bike I can catch calls hands free.

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