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ATT stores get their stock on April 17.... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    ATT stores get their stock on April 17.

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    Got mine today. Really like it so far. The auto text has improved compared to the 8100.

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    I am happy with EDGE data/email, so maybe I'll get the 8110 when it is released. I may have more use for GPS then WiFi. I am eligible for an upgrade in May. I am not going to rush into anything. I was also thinking about the Curve, but I like the small form factor of the Pearl. I have had my Pearl since December 2006 when cingular rolled it out. I love my pearl. It's a little beat up, but that's ok.
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    from what im hearing from my BB rep...the 8120 will only be availible via B2B, online sales, and telesales. And not in stores.

    They will instead sell the 8110 in stores. I looked at our new rebate forms today and the 8110 is on there and not the 8120. I had to go online and print out the rebate for my 8120 off the att website

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    I heard the same thing today. I am also in the industry. Store rep says he expects 8110's and that he is not holding his breath on the 8120 being in stores.

    I AM interested in an earlier post that said the phone rep offered different colors for the BB 8120 over the phone. How did that end up? What color did you ask for and did you receive the right handset?

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    i was wondering about the color thing too...
    i ordered mine off the site, and didn't get a choice of colors.
    i was told too that the list that the reps get have the 8110 and not 8120 ... so i just decided to not wait anymore and order (i am instant gratification person, so i hate waiting for shipping )

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