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Okay yesterday was not my day. First my computer blew with my new theme creation ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Almost Lost My Pearl...


    Okay yesterday was not my day. First my computer blew with my new theme creation on it.

    So I went to Newark to check on the warranty through my college. As I was coming back home heading to the Newark lightrail. A Spanish guy runs ahead of me not thinking much of it I continue. Next thing he stands inches from me and shoves me. I go to drop the food I was carrying to defend myself. He signals two black guys to come up behind me. So I had no chance to defend myself,1 against 3 now. They go through my pockets and take my BB and money and wallet. So I went to my campus police and they went after them. They caught all three of them and me and another student they tried to rob earlier identified them. It took a couple hours and they confessed and showed the officer where they dropped the stuff. So I got everything back.
    They tried to use my BB but it was locked and they gave up on the password after 6 tries, according to my BB. Anyway my BB is in good condition no harm. Tells you keep your BB locked at all times when not using.
    Btw the cops said these 3 were messing with students around the area for awhile now. I'm glad I got their asses caught.

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    Re: Almost Lost My Pearl...

    That's good news. Glad you got it back, you're all right and they got caught.

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    Re: Almost Lost My Pearl...

    Glad you got your BB back and (most importantly) you're OK!

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    Re: Almost Lost My Pearl...

    thats nice mad. wow ur lucky about that. how do u set up the password so i could do it.

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    Re: Almost Lost My Pearl...

    wow...that's crazy dave! you should prolly stay home for a few days to get rid of this bad luck thing

    tnhl - options/security options/general settings

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    Re: Almost Lost My Pearl...

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    Haha Cherri, Jhonny said the same thing. But hey I face things as they come. I'm happy I got my BB back and all my stuff. I've seen some members on here get robbed and not recover anything.

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