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Any gps unit needs a "refresh" with use and time. Some OS have a "refresh" ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: Alltel 8130 Pearl GPS Challenges...


    Any gps unit needs a "refresh" with use and time. Some OS have a "refresh" button, some programs internally refresh, and some dont. Im on Uscellular, have no refresh button and couldnt get it to work either. Until, I started bb maps, Menu/"start gps nav". Then I go to Menu/options/menu/clear cache. The unit will then lock on sats reliably in 3-5 minutes. Then othe nav programs will work as well. After the unit is in use for a while with other programs, tiem etc, it needs to repeat this process to once again access the satellites. This I belleive is the same as a "refresh" which seems to be missing in some bb OS's.
    Now thats in Uscellular. Rumors are Alltel locked out gps unless you subscribe to Telnav. I refused to do this, hence I got contracted with Uscellular 1x rather than Alltel. Works and updates pretty decent. My question is, is Tel nav os working as a "refresh" option for 8130 gps? For those without telnav on Alltel, try the above sequence and see if gps works. If not, then Alltel truly has gps locked out unless Telnav is subscribed.
    Before I got my unit I shoped around and Alltel told me the gps worked only with Telnav subscription, so I joined uscellular and was happy with the gps. Uscellular support has no idea about this issue in us cellualr 8130's as it s new to them and subscribers. Since the new OS has no "Refresh" option(got lost in the change apparenlty) the gps needs to be refreshed soemhow, and bb maps seems to have the "right stuff". Gpsed or other programs may do the same as well, but I have no experience with them to date.
    Good luck and see what you Alltel users experience.
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    Re: Alltel 8130 Pearl GPS Challenges...

    Quote Originally Posted by leob View Post
    It's most likely that this varies in different geographical markets of Alltel. My confirmation came from an Alltel Data Technician here in Northern MI. It would be interesting to know where Alltel subscribers do have GPS working in comparison to those who do not. Azstar - since GPS is working for you where are you located?


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