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I have tried to download Ramble both OTA and with my desktop manager. I have ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question AIM Question


    I have tried to download Ramble both OTA and with my desktop manager. I have not found a link that has worked. I was curious about AIM...does this cost money? I have Verizon as my service provider and I have an unlimited data plan. Thanks.

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    Re: AIM Question

    I use to have an 8830 with Verizon and always had problems with Ramble disconnecting constantly. Use jivetalk. You get a free 30 day trial and after that it's well worth the money. It includes aim, yahoo,msn,googletalk, myspace. It works great. It's the best 3rd party im client out right now.

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    Re: AIM Question

    yeah i would use jivetalk, or if you don't want to spend money check this thread

    There are some multi-client free apps listed near the bottom.

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    Re: AIM Question

    ~via BB (

    The best free instant messaging client I've used is WebMessenger. It has a lot of features like message history and has the ability to email that history to you.

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    Re: AIM Question

    Go for JiveTalk, 30 day trial, if you like it. Buy it, I almost don't use it, yet I still bought it.. some might say its a waste of money.. but I really liked the application and to have the possiblity to log on if needed.

    Web clients are known to drain more bandwith, so if your on a limited plan thats just another yes to buy jivetalk

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