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I dont have the texting plan for my phone. I was wondering if there was ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    AIM/Flash question


    I dont have the texting plan for my phone. I was wondering if there was anyway i could go on aim through the internet instead of the built in prgram; since it uses the texting plan. Also, i was wondering if there was a flash program out that allows you to stream videos or use youtube.

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    Re: AIM/Flash question

    hey well thee is a program that i started using that was in beta testing but since they launched it to the public you do have to pay a one time fee for the license but u are able to connect at the same time to aim, googletalk, icq, msn ,yahoo.
    this program is called jivetalk. there website is i would recommend it.its very good software. at least you would be saving money as supposed to a month to month plan. this is internet based so if u have unlimited internet youll be fine. hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: AIM/Flash question

    ~via BB (
    Yea as charmed recommended jivetalk is your best solution. Although it does cost some money but its well worth it. If your looking for more cost efficient methods there is s method of hacking google talk to work with AIM. Although there is a OTA AIM link under jerryD's thread. Give that a search. I would give you a link but can't since I'm on my BB. I'm not sure the AIM even works.

    Flash does not work with BBs at this time.

    Hope this helps.

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