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Well, I don't really know what else to do because T-mobile said there isn't anything ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Ah, Tmobile & MyFaves, ****.


    Well, I don't really know what else to do because T-mobile said there isn't anything they can do but replace the device, but uh, yeah. They're doing that, but within 10-14 business days, so until then I'm left with a tricked out mobile phone that turns on and off whenever it feels just.

    well, here's the deal. I had the device replaced due to image problems, and sms issues that they couldn't resolve, so I get this phone, I call to activate my MyFaves circle, and service on the phone, so they do it. First, sure. It's working amazing! Circle's a cute little rotating device, but I turn my phone on the other day after a concert I took the girlfriend to, and a circle is now clear, without name, and causes a frozen device. Finally it comes back from being unfrozen, I see that not only are there only four circles now, but 1 one of them was erased and contact-less. So I go to add a contact, device freezes, again. Comes back from being unfrozen, says MyFaves has been refreshed, two seconds later, the device restarts uncontrollably, so I figure, hey, I'll turn the MyFaves circle off, nope. It doesn't even let me get to that point, because as soon as the device comes back from being stupid and restarting, it thinks "Oh ****, broken MyFaves circle. *PANIC*" and restarts again. It restarts almost five times until I figure, hey. I'll hook it up to my USB, I do that, and the device is fine.

    So I ask, (And yes, I've checked firmware, tried resetting to factory default, tried completely reinstalling the firmware) what else is there to do? If I install the AT&T Version for the blackberry, will I have to unlock it to use it on Tmobile, or will it still be retarded?

    Lemme kn0 <3

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    Someone correct me if Im wrong, but I do not think that you can use ATT's software for their models in place of the software for the T-Mobile models.
    For example, I have the Curve 8320 with T-Mobile,
    unlocked or not, I can not download the software for ATT 8310 Curve.
    The software is handset specific.

    The only good unlocking your phone does is gives you freedom to use it on any network.
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    You would need 8320 software for the 8320. 8310 won't work. ~via BB (

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    Well, I use an 8310 and I have T-Mobile.
    MyFaves and every T-Mobile feature works excellently fine.
    T-Mobile Blackberry 8310 Crimson Red

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    delete service books for the other carrier

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    ^^what they said.

    when i started experiencing problems with the myfaves icons, it turns out that i needed to up date my software.

    works like a charm now.

    delete the AT&T stuff

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