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Ok so I am/was new to blackberry devices and was unaware that you were able ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    After OS upgrade.. MMS is gone!


    Ok so I am/was new to blackberry devices and was unaware that you were able to back up software using the blackberry desktop application. I am trying to move towards this blackberry world from a previous Window Mobile based equipment (HTC-Hermes) were we could not backupp software like you can with the bb! So after installing the updated 8100 Cingular Red Firmware i rebooted the device and to my surprice everything seemed to have went well until i tried to compose a MMS message. From my list of new messages to create it was no longer an option. So i snapped a picture thinking i would be able to select the icon to send it well lets just say the icon is there but i could not select it as it is greyed out. So i installed the Italy OS and it was not there either. Called Cingular and they were no help as they told me to call blackberry as i had a mms package on my phone and my phone should be working. So i turn to you folks here to maybe help in this matter. I have read through this site and have enjoyed countless peices of information and hints. So first off i would like to say great site, great info and i am hoping the experts (you folks) can help as the paid experts have failed!

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    ask me

    Re: After OS upgrade.. MMS is gone!

    try this
    options>advanced options>host routing table hit menu then register now
    that should work

    oh yeah welcome to the stacks
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