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I installed the new desktop manager and updated my OS but now a few applications ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question After app error 523 recovery some applications missing....


    I installed the new desktop manager and updated my OS but now a few applications are not even showing up in my phone! I erased google maps and OZ messaging before doing this. The applications missing are, password keeper, notepad, sms messages, blackberry messenger and the help application.

    All of my emails are working but not my sms messages. I have the ATT Pearl 8100.

    Can anyone help?

    When I received the app error 523 I had my phone charging, had set my alarm and answered an email, the next morning the phone was locked with the app error 523 message till last night I cam in here and did the OS update, then I restored my last back up on the phone and none of those applications even appear on the phone, the restore was successful. Should I try to wipe out handheld and restore again?

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    This is a common occurrence after a software crash recovery. Just run through application loader again and when you get to the device application selection window put a check mark back in the missing apps then click next and finish. This will load the programs back in the device. Hope it helps.

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    Unfortunately, a lot of my 3rd party apps were not reinstalled when my bb crashed, yet again, last night. Is this normal, do i have to hunt down and reinstall them all over again? viigo, gridmagic, opera mini, pinstack, empower, etc.?
    Pls help!

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