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I dont have T mobile but I did upgrade my 8700c with JL_CMDER and wiped ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I dont have T mobile but I did upgrade my 8700c with JL_CMDER and wiped it clean.
    I then did a fresh install of 4.5 and loving it. The only problem i am having is connecting to Cingulars(AT&T) browser I can connect through Opera mini.
    Aim is telling me to activate it, but besides that its a must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunkHead View Post
    Then don't bother with the upgrade until T-Mobile releases it...

    ~via BB (
    Anyone have access to inside news....?
    Will T-Mo even release .55 at some point, officially?

    ~via BB 8100: Red (

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    For the tmo users. Which one did you use to download the newest OS?

    I wanna uprade but don't really want do it using the eeny meeney miney moe method
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    Quote Originally Posted by livingwater View Post
    I visit multiple BB sites and all the problems I have read regarding the upgrade to 4.5 scare me from upgrading.
    Why mess with a good thing? If your BlackBerry is functioning properly leave it alone.
    Newer is not always better, and you might want to ask yourself these questions.

    1) Have I researched this new OS enough to know exactly what the changes are.
    2) Do I really _NEED_ these changes
    3) Do I have the skill & patience needed to deal with any problems which may arise if I try this.
    4) Can I afford the down time without the use of my BB while I fix the issues?

    I'm sure you get the drift by now.

    Finally I say, wait until your carrier has released the final approved version. Not a beta or one from another carrier. Then and only then, put it on yours if you must.

    You may find this approach very stress free. You may find you are avoiding problems by leaving your BB well enough alone.


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