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where is the water indicator?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    where is the water indicator?

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    5ive, There are probably more that one but there should be one visible around or under the battery. Look for a white square that looks like it's got a plastic coating.

    hope the helps
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    Send it into T-Mobile - they just use that line as a scare tactic. I've used their handset exchange program for years now and have never been charged when I probably should have.

    For example: I had a Samsung phone that I dropped and there was a crack by the antenna. After a couple of weeks the crack got bigger and eventually a chunk of plastic fell off. I called T-Mobile and made up some story about how my screen is displaying crazy characters or something like that. They went through the whole speech of how I'd be charged if the phone was damaged due to dropping, etc. I took my chances and sent it back to them and never saw a thing on my bill.

    Go ahead, send it to them. I think the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand at T-Mobile - the guys who recieve your phone don't care enough to make a note to billing to charge for it. I would bet that you won't ever see a charge.

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    hmmmm.... watch fo dat deduction lol... the pearl's a hundred bucks!!
    Sir Anthony

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5ive
    OK as you might know i recently had a problem with my screen of my blackberry pearl. It is in the screen itself and is not physical, it is a blue-ish discoloration, sort of like an ink blot. Think of putting a magnet on a TV and thats what you get. Well i noticed this right after i dropped my phone in the woods, now let me explain to you the conditions.
    -It was in the case
    -Dropped in a pile of leaves
    -Totally dry out at the time
    -Had virtually no impact falling from my waist to the ground into a pile of leaves
    -Left there for literally less than 2 minutes

    Now let me get this straight, you drop it from 3 feet up onto a pillow and it is going to break? Its rediculous...and then i call up TMobile and they say if i send it back and they find that i did drop it, im automatically charged 100 dollars. The phone has 1000% no physical nor water damage to it besides this little distortion. IS THE PEARL REALLLLY THAT FRAGILE???

    I dropped it in the shower from about waist length, almost had a heart attack, but it was ok, no damage, I think that you should send it back, but call first and try to talk to the highest level of support you can, be firm, remember t-mo claims highest customer satisfaction, make sure to remind them of that.

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