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Hey all! I used to be good at the BB stuff but since I took ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question A few problems - messenger related - Help!


    Hey all!
    I used to be good at the BB stuff but since I took a year off, lol, I remember nothing! I am wondering if maybe my OS needs to be updated (and I don't even remember how to do something like that) for my problems to go away.. I've never gotten any of my IM messengers to work for whatever reason, they give me some error message. And lately for whatever other reason my BB messenger is making all of my contacts "unreachable" and I can't send them any messages.. I can most of the time receive one but I can't reply or send any myself it just never works. I don't know what happened. I have two friends who live in the same city as me with BBM and I can send to them just fine but all of a sudden I can't message the rest of my contacts. I recently added about 5 of them but I had one who lives in TX that I BBM on a regular basis, so I am at a loss..

    Anyone have any ideas? In my About it says v4.6 and Platform 4.1. Would any other info help any of you help me figure this out? My browser also seems to be noticeably slower than it was when I had a Pearl 2 years ago.. Maybe I'm making that one up.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Spuffy,

    I had encounted a similar problem in the past, I as well took a year off of the BB scene and tried the iPhone, but obviously am here writing you back as a current BB user (8900) lol. I see your dilema and am about almost pretty sure it is your service provider. Have you upgraded your internet plan to the Blackberry Internet plan? I had found that the Universal internet plan does not work for IM, Email, Browser etc for your BB. I am with T-mobile, but Ive seen this be the case for other users with different service providers as well.

    If that does not do the trick, it maybe due to your service books. Have your service provider resend them to you for you IM, Browser etc.

    But first and foremost, I would try a battery pull and see if that solves the problem before you wait on the phone for an hour trying to resolve this issue with your provider. 90% of the time it just needs to be restarted.

    Last but not least. Make sure that your TCP/IP settings are correct. Go to Options_Advanced Options_TCP/IP and make sure your APN settings are Enabled and your providers APN site is on there. Fore example with T-Mobile my APN:

    Hope this helps!

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