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I went to upgrade my phone looking to get a Voyager. Well I was told ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    A couple questions from a new owner


    I went to upgrade my phone looking to get a Voyager. Well I was told that my current plan with Verizon isnt compatiable with the Voyager and I had to upgrade to the Nationwide Plan... Well I didnt want to do that and I asked the sales person what my options were. Well after talking to me about what I like with my current phone (was a Samsung i730) she suggested to me that I get the Blackberry Pearl and that I would love it. I said that I thought that was a "chick phone" and she assured me if I didnt get it in pink that it wouldnt be... I laughed. I get the phone home trying to figure this thing out and I am cussing up a blue streak because it's way different then a windows mobile device. Thinking... no way I'm going to keep this thing, I tell myself I will give it a week. Now I am loving it... I am realizing that it is actually alot easier to use. I wish it had more internal memory but... on with my questions.

    Reading the forums I have noticed some applications that can be deleted from the 8130... Which ones have you deleted and how much memory did you get back.

    My last question is... there any way to load downloaded applications to the memory card. Again that would help save internal memory on the phone. Just wondering.


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    1) you can delete stuff like tasks, memo pad, memory cleaner, etc.. I would NOT mess with any of the core apps at all.

    2) by default, you cannot RUN applications from your memory card. i have read about this application, but do not have personal experience. and it isn't free.

    Aerize Card Loader

    welcome to pinstack you chose the BEST forum to learn more about your new blackberry

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    Hey there Brumeister, welcome to the Stacks!

    As for the internal memory most can be deleted with out harm to the device. I'm not certain what extras that your carrier has installed but most of the time you're kinda stuck with those. I would leave everything on there until you become very familiar with your BB. Also you don't get much back for all the work that you do to gain the couple extra MBs.

    Just keep an eye on your file free memory and turn on the option to delete your messages after 15 or 30 days. Also turn on your security password so you can access the memory cleaner. If you have a holster with the sleeper magnet this also helps since there is an option for it to activate the cleaner every time it's holstered.

    As for the applications from the memory card. I do believe there is a 3rd party application that allows this now. I saw a thread about it a week or so back. Maybe give that a whirl. I have not tried it myself though.

    Good luck, let us know if you need any other assistance

    EDIT: cherri beat me to it....

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    Nice getting the Pearl ! It is the best phone I have ever had<3

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    You can try Aerize Card will put apps on your mem. card, but it still uses device memory. All you have to do is unload them w/ Aerize, if you are not using as much, then reload from card when needed. I love it and have had no issues w/ it. Very easy and makes you feel more freedom when considering a download.


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    Thanks to everyone that replied. Once I get more familiar with my phone I will probably start deleting some stuff.

    Thanks again

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