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I'm expecting my 8220 today! A few issues I had on my Curve, 8320, were ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8220 and Vista/Also UMA call issues


    I'm expecting my 8220 today! A few issues I had on my Curve, 8320, were that, A) I could never get Desktop manager to recognize the device (I was able to do everything but load aps through My Computer - running Vista 64-bit) and B) On UMA in my house, I'd say 70 percent of my calls, the caller couldn't hear me. I could hear them, but they couldn't hear me.

    8220 owners, have you had issues with either?

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    my understanding is that bb dm is not a 64bit installation... and since bb dm brings some usb drivers for the bb, it probably wont work on your current setup. there have been multiple postings on this forum about 32 vs 64 bit issues since 64 bit os's were released. vista isnt so much the problem as the 64bit structure of the processor is. do you use emulation for 32bit apps? there is a posting on another site with a successful install on a 64bit setup... dont know if i can post it here though. if a mod responds to this and says i can, then i will.

    as for call quality with uma, i had the same experiences with uma. uma is touted as a great feature, and technologically advanced, but it just doesnt seem ready yet for real world application. i struggled with most uma phone calls, and most of the time would end up hanging up, turning off wifi, and making the call over a gsm signal. additionally, i never was able to have a call hand off without being disconnected, etc, with a myriad of other uma problems.
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