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when i plazmic gonna make a new software featuring the abliatly to make our today ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    when i plazmic gonna make a new software featuring the abliatly to make our today plus themes?? it would be so cool!!!

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    Go to this site:

    Choose your Carrier from the list. (i.e. mine is Verizon, so that's the steps, but you need to follow for your carrier).

    The link for Verizon on the page above takes me to Verizon Wireless website. This gives me the option of Personal Email or Corporate Email. (this confused me at first, but just click Personal Email if you are setting this up for your personal use)

    The next page asks me what Blackberry I have. I choose 8130 from the drop down list.

    The next page comes up with some options:
    BlackBerry Desktop Software v4.3
    BlackBerry Device Software v4.3 <-------- (this is what you are missing)
    VZAccess Manager

    Enter your verizon phone number and click the Download Now button.

    It's a big file, but you gotta have it.
    Install it to your PC **ALONG WITH** the Desktop Software that came with your phone... you are getting the error message, so you already have the Desktop software.

    You may wanna reboot the PC, or not I'm not sure it matters, I think mine worked immediatly. You should be good to go.
    As the others said, if you are downloading themes, make sure you unzip them before you try to add them to the list.

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    Hi there. I had the same issue and remidied it tonight by first downloading the latest version of BB desktop manager and then following the instructions here:

    When I got this in order i was able to load the new themes without a hitch. And it made me a very happy guy.

    hope this helps and works for you


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