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I previously had the 7100i and found I could do all this easily but I'm ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8130 new user questions


    I previously had the 7100i and found I could do all this easily but I'm having a hard time figuring it out on the 8130. I'm on sprint.

    1) How can I send files (pics, ringtones, etc) via SMS/MMS messaging to someone in my address book? I don't get that option to send to someone in my address book. With the 7100i, I can scroll to someone in my address book and send to their phone via the phone number.

    2) How can I send pics via bluetooth to another bluetooth phone? In the menu to send via bluetooth, it lists devices that I connet to. How can I send it to another phone.
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    Re: 8130 new user questions

    Hi Baldie and welcome to Pinstack!

    To answer you questions,
    #1 - please refer to this thread:

    #2 - You must first pair with the device you are trying to connect to, also, not all other phone manufacturers will accept BT pics from other devices. If after pairing with the device and sending the pic via BT it fails, it may not be compatible with that device. I send pics via BT to my wifes BB but that is not just another phone.

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    Re: 8130 new user questions

    Welcome Baldie, to send a file via MMS or SMS>open MMS app>composeMMS>choose a template or blank(which ever one you are attempting to do)>you then will be directed to your address book. You first need to compose the MMS before it will access your address book. You can also send a file like a ringtone by just going to the ringtone and clicking the menu key and then scroll to "send via MMS". This is also the location that you will choose to send or recieve via bluetooth. Like doughdaddy said, you must first pair the device and then you must choose to send or recieve, you will be promted for a password that has been selected at the time when you chose to send or recieve. Also like doughdaddy said, some devices will only accept a bluetooth connection from a headset or GPS device, some phones are designed so that sending a file is not supported. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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