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    Question 8130 - Multiple Message Copies



    My Pearl menu has a folder for "Messages", my "BIS Email" and "SMS/MMS" and "Phone Log".

    Anytime I receive an email, an SMS/MMS, or when I make/receive/miss a call, each of those items appears in their respective folder. However, that same even is always copied into the default "Message" folder. Why is this, and how can I stop this? I know I can hide that message folder, but all those duplicated events will take up memory, and while I WANT to keep a record of them, I want them to stay in their respective folders, and not stored a second time in my message folder (I honestly don't know what the point of that folder is BTW)

    This is my 3rd day being a BB user (I love it!!) so any help would be MUCH appreciated.



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    Re: 8130 - Multiple Message Copies

    Hello Tom, Welcome to PinStack!

    Do you have your SMS/MMS seperated from the general message folder?

    Emails will always appear in their respective email account icon and the general message folder.

    You can turn off the phone logging in the general message folder:
    Call button(green phone)
    Menu (button left of trackball)
    Select Options
    Select Call Logging
    Select None
    Then they shouldn't show in the Message Icon.

    To answer the question of the Message's much more convenient when you have a ton of Accounts,BES, and Blackberry Messenger. Everything gets filtered into there. It's the only icon I use for all my email accounts. So basically it's not taking up any more space then the orginal message if you see them in the different icons it's all the same copy. Just think of the Message Icon as a shortcut to everything.

    Hope that helps

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