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One of the great assets to me of the Pearl was its small size (in ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8130 holster/case that is minimal


    One of the great assets to me of the Pearl was its small size (in my pocket, go everywhere, not obvious). I have been spending hours trying to find a case for it that offers basic protection of the "business parts" (front side) and adds as little as possible to the bulk. Most of the leather cases are overkill to me although they look nice. The skins offered are right down the alley i am looking for but they don't protect the parts that need it. I find that when it goes in my pocket, the trackball collects crumbs, sand, etc and when i go biking or hiking or skiing, i am looking for - basic - moisture protection (if it is raining, the phone will go in a baggie). If it had a removable belt clip, i would pay double, but this is not a must have. Has anyone seen one of these?

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    Re: 8130 holster/case that is minimal

    Here are a few sites with cases




    4) These 2 cases may not fit the 8130. You will have to contact Vaja and ask about cases for the 8130.

    5) Again, these may not fit the 8130. Contact Piel Frama and confirm they have 8130 cases.

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    Re: 8130 holster/case that is minimal

    Thanks Erica. I appreciate it. Great sites and some beautiful cases, but nothing "minimalist". The superslim model in the first site was closest but didn't seem to accomodate the trackball nor have the magnet. I realize after thinking about it more that the belt clip option (hopefully removable) is desirable. I will continue to look. I am surprised that i appear to be in a minor population on this, but with everyone saying they want -small- and I do, it just doesn't make sense to me to wrap it up in a thick layer of leather with massive metallic claws permanently attached (most). My ideal is that this unit travels with me almost everywhere. Flip phones make a certain amount of sense here i guess, but i am enamoured with the BB's and i THINK this should be a solvable problem.

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    Re: 8130 holster/case that is minimal

    Check out Seidio's super slim rubberized hard case/holster combo.
    there's the review
    and a link to the product

    And just to let you know. The otterbox's for trackball BBs have a liner that covers almost all the exposed parts except for the trackball. That way you can still use it. And the holster that comes with it has a sleeper magnet in it. I have one for my curve and I use it when I snowboard. Works perfectly. Most people don't like the otterbox cause of the bulk it adds.
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    I'm also definitely not a holster kinda guy. I tried the silicon skin that Verizon sells but it made it more difficult to slide in and out of my pocket because of the silicon texture. I was also concerned about the lint issue and the screen was still not protected well.

    Here's the setup I ended up deciding was best for me: bodyguardz full body protectors + the pocket case that came with my 8130. The bodyguardz exceeded my expectations and protects everything (including the chrome sides!) except the keypad and trackball. Used in conjunction with the case that came with my BB, it offers all the protection I need plus the benefits of using the holster profile capabilities.

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    I've tried quite a few of the cases out there but always went back to the one made by RIM. It's the RIM lambskin leather holster with swivel clip (sorry, I'm not worthy enough to post a link yet).

    It's fairly slim, fits the Pearl perfectly (as it should), holds it securely, and protects the phone pretty well. It also has these grooves to protect the trackball inside the case and the proximity sensor to put the Pearl in standby, saving precious battery life. If you want extra protection, use the vinyl skins (BestSkinsEver, etc...)

    If you're going to use the RIM skin case (or any rubber skin case), be careful about sticking it in your pocket or where there might be sand or dirt. Seems grit and fine particles sometimes get trapped between the skin and the phone. Over time and use, I ended up with small pockmarks where the particles dug into the plastic and paint and in some cases even melded with the phone surface. Hope this helps.


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    Does anyone have any experience with the otterbox on the 8130???

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