This is a cross post, but I figured I should see if the 8120 users have any more feedback than the 8320 users.

Can anyone who might have had experience with both the curve 8320 and the pearl 8120 give me their opinions on the sound quality between the two?

I read that one user thinks that the sound with wired headphones is better on their 8120 than on their 8320.

Basically, I just returned the 8120 and got the 8320 instead. The reason I returned the 8120 was because of a very loose battery cover. One of the most important uses of the BB for me is the ability to use it as a mp3 player with wired headphones. I am happy with the curve, but if the sound while listening to mp3s over wired headphones is better on the 8120, I will exchange the curve for the 8120.

Sound quality over wired headphones is most important to me, so whichever phone is superior in this area will be the phone I stick with.

Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated