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First time poster... I just upgraded from an 8100 to new 8210 last night. (AT&T ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8120 cursor problem


    First time poster...

    I just upgraded from an 8100 to new 8210 last night. (AT&T )

    The new browser cursor in the column veiw is kind of cool. However when I rollover links on most pages, the cursor doesn't recognize them as links and doesn't highlight them.

    When I switch the cursor off and scroll around "the old way" all of the links are recognized.

    I tried a battery pull and have played around with this as much as I could figure out.

    Any thoughts?


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    I haven't had this problem with site links, but to click on a picture I need to switch to select mode for the cursor to recognize them... maybe this is the same case?
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    I have had my 8120 for several days now. Like some of my other trackball equipped BB's when brand new it's not unusual for the cursor to be a bit erratic. To display some skipping & other odd behavior. In every case the solution (at least for me) was to just keep using it and give it time to break in. I find that it doesn't take that long until everything settles in & works great.

    In the event it persists, I would take advantage of the "tech chat" service via your computer. Go to the AT&T site, support, device support, tech chat. I've used this service a few times & its very useful & quite fast.

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