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I've been lurking a little bit and posting sparingly. I hate starting new threads but ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8100 vs. 8800 vs. "smart" Phone


    I've been lurking a little bit and posting sparingly. I hate starting new threads but another post prompted me to start this one.

    I will be purchasing my first BB in about 4 weeks and have been debating passionately with myself (not literally) between the 8100 and the 8800.

    In reading through the two forums pretty thoroughly, I keep coming back to two questions.

    Is the 8100 your first Blackberry? And how much BB/data usage vs. phone usage?

    It seems that 8100 users have a higher phone usage % than 8800 users, strictly from some the posts in this forum vs. the 8800 forum.

    Am I off? I like the size of the Pearl, will be using whichever one I buy for about 15 e-mails a day, like the GPS of the 8800 but like the camera of the 8800. This would be my first so I think I could use either the QWERTY or Suretype. Unfortunately I must purchase my own and therefore will be not be able to afford an upgrade for a couple of years after my purchase.

    BTW, pinstack is the most informative website and well moderated forum I have seen. I have learned much from everybody here.

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    Re: 8100 vs. 8800 vs. "smart" Phone

    well so far the 8800 has not released a camera version (you may just have typoed above) I prefer the size of the Pearl.
    check this thread as well
    I don't really need the GPS and i may be way off but i think you may
    not be able to turn it off. If thats the case someone ALWAYS knows
    where you are. Granted that is still the case as long as you have a sim card
    plugged into any phone with service, but without built in GPS your location
    needs triangulated from multiple cell phone towers.

    I also LOVE suretype. Once you get the hang of it you can type
    almost as fast as on a normal computer keyboard

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    Thumbs up Re: 8100 vs. 8800 vs. "smart" Phone

    My Pearl is my 3rd BB. I have an 8700 which I think is terrific. From what I understand the 8800 is the new improved 8700 with the trackball and thinner profile.

    I am a heavy user. I use my Pearl all day long. I'm on the phone using my Bluetooth headset 2+ hours per day. I get 120 emails a day in, and respond to 5-10 per day on my Pearl (most of the others I respond to from my PC while I'm at the office.

    I have no problem with the SureType. It works great. I understand RIM has improved it since the earlier versions. It gets things wrong so infrequently, it isn't worth worrying about. The only time SureType is less efficient than having a full keyboard is if you have to type someone's email address into the address line where the combination of the first letter of their first name is then followed by their last name. SureType sometimes doesn't get this right, but it is easy to complete this task by simply "accepting" the letters as you type them in. Further, if you have a person's email address in your contact list, then this problem never happens, because you simply select their name and the software inputs for you their particular email address.

    The phone is awesome. period.

    The keyboard is great, and with fewer keys than the 8800, the actual size of each key is larger, so for me and my big thumbs, it is easier to type on Pearl than the full QWERTY keyboards (especially the Treo or Motorola Q, which are aweful in this regard).

    I like Pearl because I can put it in my pocket, rather than having to wear it on my hip. The wider models don't fit in your pocket as easily. The Pearl is the size of a normal small mobile phone, so carrying it is easier. To protect the screen from getting scratched I use a leather sleeve that RIM sells on their site. The phone slips into the sleeve and automatically goes into power saver mode. Nice.

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