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I got my 8100 a few months ago, i looked at ATT stores and they ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8100 Vs 8130 ?


    I got my 8100 a few months ago, i looked at ATT stores and they have same phone but the main menu scroll screen is on the bottom, and the camera on the back is designed a little differently, is this the 8130??

    are there any major difference between the two? is the 8130 louder? does it have a faster OS? thats the little problem i have with my 8100 the ringing is not loud enough sometimes i miss calls because i didnt hear it in my truck if the phone is not next to me. my 8100 OS seems a little slow, when i have a few applications open or when i look through pictures, seems like it takes for ever to load them, i have original OS

    Also seems like the 8100 has issues with sending things through bluetooth or connection with some other phones, has the 8130 improved on this?

    also Pearl 2 is that 8130 or is pearl 2 not out yet? supposedly it will have a 3.2MP i got myself all confused with these 81XX's!!!
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    Re: 8100 Vs 8130 ?

    Most likely not. The 8130 is a CDMA only phone (Verizon, Sprint, Alltel(?)). It will not work on AT&T's network. Might be the 8120, though. Past that, I know nothing about what the AT&T store mght have.
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    Re: 8100 Vs 8130 ?

    to speed up your OS, try a newer version or trim it down by removing the extra cod files you do not need. There are a few threads around here about that if you wish to read them.

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