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hey i was on tmobiles website and they have the upgrade for the 8120...and i ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8100 upgrade question


    hey i was on tmobiles website and they have the upgrade for the 8120...and i also heard that the 8120 has video recording on quesion is what would happen if i installed the 8120 upgrade on my 8100???

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    Not a good idea. I think without exception, and certainly to avoid future problems, the device OS must match the device. You can try it but backup and tread softly. An expert can comfirm this - I am not one.
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    The 8100 will not take the software for a 8120, the Desk top software will not let it load. The 8120 has vastly differant hard ware in it. You Could in theory put the files you wanted, i.e. form said software in to the software folder for the 8100 and get it to load, BUT, I have tried this type of thing a few times and have never had a successful operating BB afterwards. So it is better to wait till RIM releases an update for the 8100.
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    DONT DO it, i did and spend 4 days reloading my software!!!!!

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