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When I start up my BB it ask's if "Do you want to allow the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    When I start up my BB it ask's if "Do you want to allow the application instant Messaging to act as a server?" then it says -Allow or-Deny. When I deny it says"Uncaught exception Permission denied.??? What the hell does all this mean? I am also having issues with my EBay acct. like some one is broadcasting out on my acct.(i get tons of reply messages that I didnt send out?) Soorry about the long post but this has got me all confused like some one is using my BB sever or acct or sumptin, thanx guys for any input with u all i am lost

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    I am not sure, I've had that. Call customer service! I think I selected allow.. That's the IM client thing. Is it the Oz? Its always messed up.

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