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ok i had the phone now about a week and a couple days ago i ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8100 smartphone problems


    ok i had the phone now about a week and a couple days ago i woke up and turned it on but it does nothin but flash a white screen and all the keys.... i have tryed to back it up but it does not seem to stay connected to my system? i have tryed removing battery but nothing can any one help me ?goin on 2 days now

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    Re: 8100 smartphone problems

    I would recomend going back to the store with the phone.

    Ofcourse you can try OS reload, but this could indicate hardware problem and if it is, you want to get the phone exchanged for a new one

    Phones this early shoudn't create any problems.

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    Re: 8100 smartphone problems

    my first pearl did that it did it on and off so i took it back and showed rogers and they gave
    me a new one no questions asked.

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    Re: 8100 smartphone problems

    its your screen it not uncommon to get a new phone that does that you can fix it if your not under warrenty but since you are im not telling you how to do it. go exchange your phone

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