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Hi there, I am pretty new to the Blackberry 8100, but I have been figuring ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8100 Reminders....


    Hi there, I am pretty new to the Blackberry 8100, but I have been figuring things out with the help of this forum and the "help" screen on the phone.

    I live by reminders and I don't have them in this phone. I used the "Help" on my phone and it says to go into Options, then Default Reminders, make changes and save. I don't have that option in my phone. I have restarted as the other posts have said and it still isn't there. Does anyone know another way to get them back? I bought this phone used and I can't imagine anyone deleting it, but I have the latest everything and I have never seen anything and then popping up on the screen when it is sleeping is just not helpful for reminding me to do anything. Please help!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: 8100 Reminders....

    I beleive that the help info you saw was to be used in the calendar application. Take a look there but I would think that you can set up any reminders you need there....

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: 8100 Reminders....

    Welcome Blznsun! Good to have you join the Crackberryheads. But FYI you can also use your Tasks as reminders as well. Tasks ans Calender both have reminders you can set as well as how soon it will remind you again if you snooze it.
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