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    8100 Error Messages: Need some help.


    Let me preface I am an amateur with this. Everything was working fine on my 8100 until a few days ago with put the installation disk in to my PC and tried to sync my Pearl with it. I was merely trying to export my pictures from the Pearl to the Dell. I can successfully do that with no problem. The issue is that I am getting an error message on a few applications now that was not there before. I don't know what I messed up:

    1. All games: ka-glom for example "Error Starting KaGlom:Module 'net_rim_ecmascript' not found" I removed and re-added this it does the same thing.

    2. Going into Pictures>Device Memory: I can see my thumbnails but when I go to click on them to enlarge "Unable to display file/Device Memory/home/user/pictures/IMG00121jpg. There is no problem viewing the thumbnail, but, I can't access it on the Pearl anymore without the error.

    3. Help ? : Error Starting net_rim_bb_h elp: Module 'net-rim-ecma script'not found.

    This all happened after I tried to sync my PC to the Pearl. Should I restore factor settings and start over? Please let me know if you can help.

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    Re: 8100 Error Messages: Need some help.

    This is a known problem. It is caused by a problem with the Desktop Manager provided on the CD that came with your device. You will need to download and install both a new version of the Desktop Manager and the handheld Software. You can find both using the links in this thread BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites

    Hope this helps.
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