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Yes, I have the DST Patch. Here's whats happening: If I have an appt. in ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    8100 Calendar Time off During SYNC


    Yes, I have the DST Patch.

    Here's whats happening:
    If I have an appt. in the Blackberry for 1:00pm, it will transfer to Outlook as 12:00pm

    If I have an appt. in Outlook as 12:00pm, it will transfer to the Blackberry as 1:00pm.

    What the heck is making this happen?

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    are the time zones on your computer and blackbery the same? i would check this before anything else

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    I tried a bunch of things and fixed it, but not 100% sure the true root cause. The time problem actually became in issue internally at work - meeting requests sent internally via Outlook were showing up 1hr ahead and 1hr behind on peoples computers. I THINK there are two main issues.

    1) daylight savings time was changed (the actually date). I was told by someone that the date was changed so any programmed software was scheduled to change on the wrong date. I am not sure if this is true or not

    2) the auto-update option on your phone and/or computer played a big role. If your computer was set to auto or not auto played a part. This held true if the sender had auto turned on and the receiver was turned off. Both need to be set to auto-update for the time to stay the same

    I also updated my desktop manager and Pearl software in addition to the above. By turning the auto-update option ON within my computer (and checking the time for accuracy) along with software upgrades solved my problems. Our network manager had to make sure all computers were set to auto-update. Then make sure each was time was accurate.

    PS - I can't PM since I don't have enough posts.


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