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I downloaded the Blackberry Desktop Manager (Version I uninstalled the previous version and installed this one and nothing happens when I plug my phone in. It doesn't prompt me to downgrade or anything. I did what MStrawder did and downloaded the new firmware (or whatever it is) and I'm going to see how this goes.

Hopefully this one will run smoother than my previous version. I'll post back if this one doesn't work out too well.
Let us know. I think I need to clear something up though. Desktop Manager is totally independent of the OS software. It functions as a graphical go-between for you and the device for common functions such as backing up your files or syncing your calendar. I think that's what you downloaded. If you were to download an OS, it would typically be listed as 'Handheld Software', rather then 'Desktop Software'. It will also usually include a very long file name such as this one from Rogers Wireless for an 8120 "8120M_PBr4.5.0_rel139_PL2.7.0.85_A4.5.0.102_Roger s.exe".