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does anyone know why when i make a call that sometimes it says "calling" but ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    2 quick questions


    does anyone know why when i make a call that sometimes it says "calling" but it never actually does anything, it doesn't ring, it doesn't hang up it just saying "calling" until i disconnect the call,this happens even when i have full service. and my second one, i asked his on another thread but haven't gotten a real response yet. the gel cases for the bb, does anyone know if they are the same idea as the ones they make for i-pods? i had one for my i-pod and hated it, so i don't want to invest in it for my bb if its pretty much the same thing.


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    Re: 2 quick questions

    1. happens to me sometimes, not sure why.
    2. yes they are basically the same

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    Re: 2 quick questions

    It's just a few dropped packets at the wrong time or network congestion that occurs that prevents the connection with the phone network from completing correctly but doesn't disconnect either. Every cell phone I have ever had did this from time to time. It's just getting rarer and rarer now days.

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