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1) I've been having a issue recieving and reading my Blackberry Messegner IM's. Whenver someone ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    1) I've been having a issue recieving and reading my Blackberry Messegner IM's. Whenver someone sends me one I can see the first part of it in my SMS texts but when I try to open it, it doesn't open and when I try to look at it in the chat screen, it's not showing up. This has happened twice with two different chat buddies.

    2) Whenever I try to download facebook on my BB or go to it through the browser, it's always giving me this "certificate not known" message and when I press "trust certificate" OR even view or ignore it, it asks for a pin # or something. What's that about?

    Thanks in advance.

    Can someone answer my questions? I see 17 views but no replies.

    I assume you all don't use or BBMessenger
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    ~via BB ( do you have internet. Second bb messager goes through internet. So if you do have internet can you goto anyother sites.

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    If people view but don't answer it's because they aren't sure of the best answer or they may be using the forum's search feature to find a solution for you.

    With your BBM issue, have you tried a battery pull? That will often fix issues. If not you can try deleting blackberry messenger and adding it back with the desktop manager. Do a backup first so your BBM contacts will be saved. You will also need to have the same OS that is on your BB installed on your computer so you can add BBM back.

    For your Facebook issue, it sounds like a security setting is enabled. Do you have a password set up for the device or firewall turned on? Did you purchase this BB new from the carrier? Are you on BIS or BES(is it a work BB)?
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