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I recently got this phone and having some problems 1) I cannot open my browser ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    2 Problems with my berry


    I recently got this phone and having some problems

    1) I cannot open my browser anymore. I click the icon and the phone freezes until i click end. so i cant use facebook, etc either.

    2) I bought this phone from a previous user i cant get ahold of. he set up the phone under his own username for email, etc. How do I cancel that account to make my own under the PIN on my bb.

    3) Is there continuous playback for music? I must be blind.


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    Tell us a little about your situation:

    What phone model ie. 8130
    What OS version
    What Carrier
    What Data plan are you on

    Answering those will help us determine a resolution to your problem.


    Oh and welcome to PinStack!
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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    Nice. Welcome to world of BB.

    1. Not sure how to fix that. Maybe re-send service books? Settings>advanced options>host routing table. Highlight the one in bold, press menu and register now. Someone clarify though?

    2. What specifically is under his name? If you want a different email, there should be an icon called setup wizard that will guide you to creating a new emailing, granted you have the BB data plan.

    3. Just hit menu when playing the song on BB player and select repeat.

    Hope that helps=]

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    ~via BB ( or reinstall OS again on ur phone

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    Yeah but let's not confuse OP with that whole process, this way gets him more accustomed to the pearl.

    Ok, you want to try a battery pull first off: hit end until you get to the home screen, then actually pull the battery while the phone is on. If that doesn't fix the browser problem, re-send the books like said.

    Now for the email, find the "setup email wizard" icon. Might be hidden, so hit menu from home screen, then menu again, then click show all. Fire it up, and delete all the emails set up.

    If you're using the blackberry media player, go to all the songs and hit menu and select "repeat".

    Welcome to the stacks! Report back if you need more help.

    ~via BB (

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