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Well it doesn't have to stream.. Can it at least start playing the video as ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: youtube on curve


    Well it doesn't have to stream.. Can it at least start playing the video as it downloads?
    That will look like streaming but it will actually still save it to phone, but just while it is downloading.

    I assume BB cannot stream LIVE video, but it should still be able to play a video without EOF in the container.. Any luck with that?

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    Re: youtube on curve

    Well you have to choose save hi save lo. Because your device can't steam. It will load it and play it on your browser but it actually isn't saved. If you wanted to save the video. Then while the video is playing press menu save. ~via BB (

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    Re: youtube on curve

    once i click on a "lo" to download and play, it downloads the video and try to load it in the browser and then it says "A problem occurred while trying to render the page" do i get it to work? o btw...its on


    the above is with the default browser...when i use opera says opera mini doesn't support downloads...
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    Re: youtube on curve

    Hello again When I told it to 'save-hi', it did take a minute. A message came up to reload. Did that but when it opened, it open in the media player not the browser. Guess that is because I said save! but it didn't seem to save it there. Nothing I watched appears in my video section of the media player in files. Yeah, it worked, I am happy! Couldn't get opera mini to work. Could get to videos but couldn't select anything. The, never could get it to work. Gave up!

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