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    Yet another 4.5 question on low volume.


    OK, I finally took the plunge and upgraded last night from 4.2 to I use the media player several times a week and really enjoyed the high volume (especially with the boost enabled) under 4.2. I too, like many others, am experiencing a lower volume.
    I noticed that there was a cod file for the media player while I was looking for the PTT application to delete. In comparing this cod file to the one it replaced, the newer file is 9kb while the 4.2 version is 8kb. Does anyone know if I can substitute the older media player cod file into the newer 4.5 OS during the upgrade process? Has anyone tried this yet and if so did it solve the problem of lower volume in 4.5?
    Most of my music has already been run through Audacity and had the volume envelope increased.

    One other issue not related to the media player emails. After several battery pulls and resending of service books both from the PC and device----still haven't received any emails. Pin messages working fine though. Any thoughts or assistance on both issues greatly appreciated.

    OK--after last resending of service books, emails now working.
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