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Evening Everyone.... Question for all of you experts :-) Is there a yahoo messenger program ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Yahoo SMS...


    Evening Everyone....

    Question for all of you experts :-)

    Is there a yahoo messenger program that will allow me to send SMS messages. The yahoo messenger that I am using on my computer has that option and I can text for free to the Philippines. Does anyone know if I can do this on the BB with yahoo or any other IM program.

    Thanks in advance.


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    No, the feature in the email service @ yahoo cannot be reproduced on the the blackberry, that I know of! I have relatives in the Phils and trust me I have worked all the angles!

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    If you want a Yahoo program for the BB that sends SMS to non-Yahoo friends, then no, I don't know of anything either.

    However, if you want to send IM's via SMS to your Yahoo buddies, then yes, you can do this; and best of all, there is no software client to install or configure.

    If your friends in the Phillipines have Yahoo (either on thier desktop PC or mobile phone -- and there is a Yahoo client for just about every modern cellphone out there nowadays), then this is how you can do it:

    First, from your desktop Yahoo client, set up your mobile device. Start your desktop Yahoo Messenger client, click Messenger and then Preferences. In the General category, click Edit Mobile Device (it might be Add Mobile Device, I am not sure because I already set this up previously). A web page will open up, here is where you add your BB's phone number (Add New Device) so that Yahoo knows where to send the SMS messages to. Also in Preferences on the Yahoo Client, there is a checkbox for "Always sign in to my mobile device when I exit Messenger". I have it checked off but even if that isn't checked off, you can sign yourself in from your BB any time you want. That's it for the desktop/PC side.

    Now the next part is optional, but I have set up a Address Book entry for the Yahoo Messenger server. So set up a contact as you would for any other contact, but in one of the phone number fields, put in +92466000 as the number. Also optional is that I filled all the other phone number fields (mobile, work, home, etc.) with +92466001, +92466002, etc., up to +92466005. By doing this, if you get an SMS from one of these numbers, you will know it's a Yahoo message. Again, this is totally optional but then I don't have to memorize that number if I put it in my Address Book. And yes, I know that the numbers are not "standard" telephone numbers, don't worry, it'll work anywhere in North America. There are different numbers to use outside of North America, see the Yahoo website for info on what numbers to use.

    Okay, now for the fun stuff.

    First you need to log into Yahoo via SMS, which puts your Yahoo status to "I'm on SMS", meaning that if someone sends you an IM (either from their desktop client or from their phone), the IM message will be forwarded to your phone as a SMS/Text Message. To log in, send an SMS to +92466000 and in the message body, type:

    in <userid> <password>

    where userid = your Yahoo User ID and password = the password you use to sign into Yahoo. Note the first word must be "in" (without the quotes) and there are spaces after word in and after the userid (no space after the password).

    You should get a reply stating how many buddies you have online. This indicates a successful login and your buddies can now send messages to your Yahoo ID and you will get them as SMS messages on your BB.

    To send a new IM to a Yahoo buddy is simple. Send an SMS to +92466000 again, and in the body of the message, type:

    to <yahooID> message

    where yahooID = your buddy's Yahoo handle and any text after that is considered to be your message. Again, note that there must be a space after "to" (without the quotes) and after the yahooID.

    You only need to do this the FIRST* time you send a SMS message to a buddy. If your buddy replies to you, it comes as a SMS message, and you can just reply to that SMS without doing the "to" stuff each time. The Yahoo server will remember who the message was from and reply to your buddy. Now you can just SMS back and forth as you would with any other person you SMS with. It does count as an SMS message, of course but there are no other charges or international SMS fees, etc. The +92466000 number series is in North America somewhere, so it's not an international text message.

    *as mentioned above, the Yahoo server remembers who you are conversing with, but there is a limitation of (I think) several hours before it purges that info, so if you don't reply to an SMS within a few hours, your may get an error message when you reply. No worries, just reply again but this time use the "to <yahooID> message" for the first SMS until the conversation gets going again.


    - you stay logged in to the Yahoo server about five days if you have no activity (no SMS). After that period, the server sends you an SMS message saying you have been logged out, in which case you can simply log back in.

    - you can add or delete buddies from your BB also, using "add <yahooID>" or "del <yahooID>" (without the quotes).

    - you can get a list of buddies online by sending a SMS with "get" as the first and only word in your message.

    - logging on to your Yahoo desktop client will log you off of SMS mode on your BB (but it doesn't tell you this), which is no biggie if you have the desktop client set to log you in after you exit the desktop Messenger Client.

    - logging in via SMS on your phone while still logged in on the desktop client will log you off the desktop client (which is good since you can't see IM's unless you are at your PC anyways).

    - if you forget all these commands but remember at least the number (which you would if you set it up in your Address Book as I suggested), you can type anything into the text message and you will get a reply from the server with "Invalid Command" but in that message you will get a list of all the valid commands.

    - you can sign out using "out" (without the quotes) as the first and only word in the SMS.

    Hope this helps. No, I didn't type this all out, I had it saved already. I figured rather than ask first exactly how you intended to use Yahoo to send SMS and/or whether your friends could Yahoo or not, or whether you just wanted to use Yahoo to send SMS to non-Yahoo friends, etc., I thought I'd save a step and just paste these instructions in.
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