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I was able to put yahoo messenger on my curve 8310 about 1 month ago ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Yahoo Internal Server Error


    I was able to put yahoo messenger on my curve 8310 about 1 month ago by following directions in a post to add a service book. It was working great! This evening I tried to add Opera to my phone and ended up with yahoo not working. This is one of the most important reasons I have the phone, so I uninstalled opera to try to put the phone back the way it was. (I am so thankful for this site as I was able to read different posts and figure out how to uninstall and do a restore.) However, yahoo still won't work. I get an internal server error when it tries to log in. my originall log in and password come up, but it just can't sign in. I have tried a battery pull and the first error was something with a 65. I tried searching for fixes for these problems, and have tried resending service books, making sure my browser is set for wml and html, and checking the apn. Also I have done the host routing table. Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Yahoo Messenger requires a service book that has to be provided by the carrier.

    AT&T will not provide it. I've never done it, and it's a real PITA, but there is a way to get the service book posted here:
    You may have to search for subsequent posts that have the service book for the latest version.

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