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I just got the Curve 8310 and I am very confused with it. When I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Wirless Internet Question


    I just got the Curve 8310 and I am very confused with it. When I was reading about it I was told that you can connect to your home wirless network. Just wondering where or how do I do this? I don't see anywhere on the phone were you can do this. Also to be able to do this do you need an internet plan with your carrier or can you just connect when your at your home? I don't have the internet yet on my phone, but if I can connect to my home wireless network then I might not buy it. Can someone please hlep me? Thanks

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    Re: Wirless Internet Question

    Sounds like you are speaking of WiFi? If thats the case and you got the 8310, you dont have that on your phone. That comes on the 8320 with TMO. The 8310 has GPS where the 8320 has WiFi. We hope for a bb to come out with both one day soon!
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