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When I got my first "pepto-pink" bb curve it had 4.2 I believe on it. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    When I got my first "pepto-pink" bb curve it had 4.2 I believe on it. Then it went bad on me seriously just did a superman off the tech cliff. So I took it in and they gave me a brand new bb. The new one come with 4.5. I asked them about the upgraded software (on the bb at the verizon store) they said all the new bb now have the 4.5 version software on them when they come out. So your wife should be able to get a brand new bb with the recent and utd software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chknlomein View Post
    So thats it?...

    Just TWO of you can confirm you believe the Current Verizon BB Curve 8330 sitting on shelves at this moment come with OS 4.5 installed?

    As i mentioned, i can do this myself. No worries, I was just hoping others might know a lil more info before we go to the store tomorrow.

    Any Verizon customers recently bought an 8330 that CAME WITH OS 4.5?

    Thanks in advance to everyone.
    Hello, hope this helps! I got my new BlackBerry Curve 8330 through Verizon way back on January 7, 2009. I too was concerned about what version it would ship with, especially since it was early January. I was pleased (and surprised) it came with version! I ordered mine through the VZW Web site and it shipped next day. I had a Pearl 8100 with my previous carrier in another state and wanted to try out the larger form factor/screen size. Really like it and never have looked back!

    Hope you are as satisfied as me!

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    Thanks to ALL for your input and feedback. Stopped by the store the other day, and the Verizon Curves do in fact have 4.5 on it.

    Thanks to Everyone.

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    ask me
    Glad we could try...
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    That's great. I hope your wife enjoys her curve!
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