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Originally Posted by rand0m oh yeah.. i forgot to mention battery life.. but that varies ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: What You/I Like About Our Curve :)


    Quote Originally Posted by rand0m View Post
    oh yeah.. i forgot to mention battery life.. but that varies for everyone.. mine can go usually for 2 days even with my heavy use!
    Yessss! The battery life is the shiiiiiiiiiiiit!! My Shadow wouldnt even last a full day before i had to recharge it. The curve is amazing. Honostly, I think the curve has the best battery life out of any phone I have had!

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    Re: What You/I Like About Our Curve :)

    Quote Originally Posted by cfrench View Post
    I don't have a curve but I am interested in hearing the negatives of the curve also. If it comes to verizon I might consider it!

    ~via BB (
    I like all the stuff listed above as well, but I can give you a few negatives in my mind.

    -The trackball. It feels like a gritty piece of plastic compared to my Pearl trackball. The Pearl trackball is very smooth. This one is not.
    -The keys are small. This is not a problem for some, but I am having a small problem with them with my large hands. I am getting used to them, but the adjustment period is long.

    And that's about it! The Curve rocks.

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    Re: What You/I Like About Our Curve :)

    Quote Originally Posted by neezy View Post
    I think it has a good camera.. It's nothing compared to my digicam, or even my moto-rizr. But yes, I think my Curve takes awesom pics. Check out thois pic of my Continental. I shoulda got one of my 95 Impala.!

    I have to give you the link, the picture is too big too post..

    I think you will be suprised by the quality of this pic..
    wow, that quality looks pretty good.. my imgs haven't turned out anywhere close to that.. maybe it's my settings. hmmm

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    So, Why do you LUV you BB Curve

    Today I was just going about my day, and I texted my little one (as we often do when she gets out of school), and then I PIN my big girl (that lives in another state) and it just dawned on me - "Man, I Luv this BlackBerry"

    I Luv my BB for other reasons as well, but to be able to stay in constant comunica with your Preteen and Young Adult Lady; it makes it worth every penny and more. I like that fact that either of my two girls can reach me and vice/versa any time.

    And as for Business purposes, come on staying connected via email all the time, you just can't bet that. I also luv BB, cause if I get a brainstorm about something I can jot it down in my memopad, or send an voice note, email or text to my associates, and I'm always there for my friends if they need to me! Oh Yeah, and I can make calls too!

    So, Why do you Luv your BB?

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    just ask

    Re: What You/I Like About Our Curve :)

    I am a first time Blackberry user. I have a 8310.

    * Good camera though I have noticed it gets grainy when you zoom in
    * Good battery life, mine can go at least 2 days if not longer before it needs charging, though I charge it every other night
    * QWERTY keyboard, I am a big texter
    * Application available
    * Big clear screen
    * Call reception better than on my SYNC
    * Customable (is that a word?)
    * Staying connected no matter where I am (This will be very important when hubby deploys in the spring)
    * Perfect fit (I was worried coming from a flip to such a big phone, but it is really not big and I do like it better than the flip.

    My only negative so far (after 1 1/2 months) is the lack of video recording. I am hoping the new OS will have this capability and will be released soon! Oh, I do wish it would have a dimmed clock screen saver. I miss that from my old Sony Ericsson. Not that it takes alot to push a button but it would be nice to just glance down for the time.

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    Re: What You/I Like About Our Curve :)

    -Full keyboard
    -Custom tune for every damn contact!
    -Solid OS that dont let you down
    -GPS is well implemented
    -Lot of nice free 3rd app
    -Perfect size
    -Autolock (holster mode)

    -Blackberry plan are a rip off in Canada (7mb for 45$ WTF!) so am staying on a regular 10mb plan for now (dont need push email till i finish school in 5 months anyway)

    -Camera, yes there one but i dont really care about it
    -No hsdpa (useless here till we can get data plan that are not out of the roof (and am not paying 65$ for 1gig of regular date)

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