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This is one I'm almost finished with. I'm not sure if I like the words ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    What else does this theme need?


    This is one I'm almost finished with. I'm not sure if I like the words or the reg icons. Think of anything else?

    I'm calling it blackout, I get tired of blinding myself at night checking my bb.

    btw, it'll be free once I get it ready to roll...

    feedback please

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    I would suggest the icons but that is only me. If your wanting it even darker maybe consider red,blue or something else for font colors. my 2 cents.

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    I would suggest putting the wifi signal on top of the signal meter because wifi users when they switch from regular connection to it it's not somewhere else. And no, it won't overlap. Looks nice btw.
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    I like the simplicity of it. One thing - 3rd party app icons won't match the text icons. Another - especially on the time, you could try not doing the outer layer of color.
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    I like the words you might even try and go with a medium grey

    I have seen some word ones, or all white or somehow matching and when I do I arragne all the icons so they are together, that way it doesnt look so funny with a icon thrown in the middle of all the words etc
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