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I noticed on pinstack homescreen that Wayfinder Nav 7 is available for curve. Does anyone ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Wayfinder Nav 7 on curve...


    I noticed on pinstack homescreen that Wayfinder Nav 7 is available for curve. Does anyone know how is stacks up against the stock bb nav upgrade? Also can it be used with any GPS adapter or do you need to buy their adapter? I didn't see that mentioned on the site when I clicked the link. One more thing, is there a better Nav system available? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wayfinder Nav 7 on curve...

    Without trying it, it seems to be a conventional navigation GPS software that uses locally loaded maps (limited by phone storage). Similar to how TomTom and others work. The main advantage of this is that it works even if you have no cell signal. The disadvantage is you have to choose how much to load in, do map updates regularly (4 times a year for Wayfinder), and similar.

    Personally I find that TeleNav has a couple unique advantages:
    1. You can 'call in' an address.
    2. It pronounces every street name (Turn left on I-4 vs. Turn left ahead.)
    3. Doesn't use up my memory card (which is full of songs and videos instead.)
    4. From the online-demo has a much better 3D navigation interface.

    I should give credit to Wayfinder, they have a very extensive world-wide database available (even if it costs extra).
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    Re: Wayfinder Nav 7 on curve...Don't bother

    Believe me I wanted this to work so bad but it locked up after a few minutes so many times. Uninstalled and reinstalled the new version with the same issues. Also tried google maps which worked fine but lost gps connect alot. I thought it was my GPS receiver but then I tried telenav for 30day trial. I FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR this thing is what I was used to with my pocket PC. It has not locked up once and is so professional looking and the traffic update and reroute to avoid is worth every cent. Believe me it is worth the $9.99 a month but don't take my word for it try it for 30 days free. I'm 100 % sure you will agree.

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