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I just swapped my brokenberry 8330 for a new out of box one from vzw. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    vzw 8330


    I just swapped my brokenberry 8330 for a new out of box one from vzw. To my shocking surprise the tech was extremely knowledgeable and friendly!!! You usualy get one or the other never both! He even gave me an extra battery just in case.well my new berry has the same sware 4.3.127 but this berry is verrrry different. I have different options on my menus. Berry feels more solid. Extra padding on battery cover and speaker for a firm fit. Browser has more option ie emulation and ie mobile emulation which my old one didn't. (At least I never saw that). Email set up went much smoother and my aol pop acct now has an aol icon (don't laugh at my aol its for my wife ) overall this berry seems to run better than my last 3 8330s with the same sware option. I even have opened the camera several times and it hasn't failed! According to the tech 4.5 for 8330 vzw will be released around Sept 1st to 15th. I hope he's right I can't wait!

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    ~via BB ( sweet glad everything went well for ya. I've noticed if your really nice you can sweet talk almost anything out of a VZW Tech. Lol.

    I love my 8830, the 8330 wasnot out when I got mine. Ill be upgrading to the Bold or Javelin when it comes out.

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